Geographers Association of Greece (G.A.G.)

The Geographers Association of Greece was founded in June 2002. It constitutes the first non-profit professional and scientific body of Geographers in Greece, who have graduated from the Departments of the University of the Aegean (Mytilene) & Harokopio University (Athens) or from abroad.

G.A.G. aims

Our aim is to defend, promote and guarantee the professional, financial, actuarial and trade union rights of our members. An important objective is to develop initiatives for the dissemination and promotion of Geography as a science in Greece.

At the same time, we promote the educational advancement and scientific training of our members as well as we present the plans for the development of the geographical education in Greece.

Our Activities

Up to now, the G.A.G. has taken a series of actions, which have contributed to the consolidation of our professional rights as well as to the promotion of our professional activities. 

The most important activities are:

  1. The integration of the Geography degree in the national curriculum for the secondary education (public and private). This gave us the opportunity to participate in the national exams held by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ΑΣΕΠ in greek).
  2. The promotion of our occupational capabilities to ministries, regional administrations and departmental authorities, which resulted in the integration of the Geography degree in many more job announcements in public sector.
  3. The investigation of the actuarial obligations and rights of Geographers and the annual briefing of our members.
  4. Designing and conducting research for the professional establishment of Geographers in Greece: their problems, objectives and their active involvement in local or regional markets. The first research was published in 2004, the second in 2006 and the third was published in 2011.
  5. Presenting and sharing our activities as well as sharing information with our co-members about new job announcements and other important issues.

Our Future Plans

The future priorities of G.A.G. include:

  1. Actions for the qualitative improvement and strengthening of Geography in the national curriculum
  2. Continuous updating and informing the public about the thematic fields in which our members are professionally involved along with the capabilities they can perform 
  3. G.A.G.’s participation in research activities with other institutions so that our profession is promoted and strengthened 
  4. Further demands (legislative, judicial, etc.), which can support our members’ professional position in the public and private sectors

Membership information

Members of G.A.G may become anyone who is a holder of graduate, postgraduate or doctoral title of any Department of Geography. Enrolled members of G.A.G. have:

  1. access to the latest information about their professional rights and about any subject concerning Geographers’ occupational capabilities and working rights in Greece
  2. are active members of the G.A.G. community for any actions taken towards the local authorities and the governmental bodies
  3. Each member of G.A.G. receives a user name and password for direct access to the Members’ area in our website ( The particular field provides you with information about job announcements, laws, governmental circulars and other useful information.