(1) General

School:Social Sciences
Academic Unit:Geography
Level of studies:Undergraduate
Course Code:GEO 497Semester:
Course Title:Practical Training
Independent Teaching ActivitiesWeekly Teaching HoursCredits
Course total2.5
Course Type:Optional
Prerequisite Courses:None
Language of Instruction and ExaminationsGreek
Is the course offered to Erasmus students:No
Course Website (Url):

(2) Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

General Competences

  1. Search for, analysis and synthesis of data and information, with the use of the necessary technology

  2. Adapting to new situations

  3. Working independently

  4. Team work

  5. Working in an international environment

  6. Working in an interdisciplinary environment

  7. Production of new research ideas

  8. Project planning and management

  9. Showing social, professional and ethical responsibility and sensitivity to gender issues

  10. Production of free, creative and inductive thinking

(3) Syllabus

The Practical Training (PT) is a short-term employment that provides an opportunity to students of the 3rd and 4th year to apply knowledge acquired from their academic program and gain work experience via an internship in relevant bodies that cooperate with the Department of Geography.

The PT allows students to gain real-world work experience and prepare future graduate geographers for the working environment.

Students can be registered for the PT in the 8th semester and obtain 2.5 ECTS credits (which correspond to half-course credits) towards the total of 240 ECTS credits required for the Bachelor degree.

(4) Teaching and Learning Methods - Evaluation

Face to face in the work environement
Use of Information and Communication Technology:
Teaching Methods:
ActivitySemester workload
Course total
Student Performance Evaluation
The PT Office collects data regarding the objectives of the PT in order to evaluate the annual performance of the program at the Department of Geography.

(5) Attached Bibliography