Erasmus - Socrates

The Department of Geography, School of Social Sciences, is one of the main Departments of the University of the Aegean, actively participating in Erasmus & Erasmus Placement programs, having a large number of participants both as incoming and outcoming students and staff. The Department of Geography strongly provides support and motivation towards Erasmus & Erasmus Placement programs, establishing a large number of bilateral agreements between the Department of Geography and European Universities and Institutions of 17 European member states, aiming to:

  • Contribute towards the familiarization of outcoming students with a foreign culture and civilization among the participating Universities and Institutions. Furthermore, it also contributes towards gathering and socializing among the students of the Department of Geography with the incoming students.
  • Contribute towards the establishment of a contemporary networking environment, mainly though and due to the participation of the incoming students to the courses and the lectures offered.
  • Provide outcoming students with the possibility to get acquaint, understand and familiarize with a different education system of other European member states.
  • Provide the possibility of learning a new foreign language
  • Provide the possibility of deepening in contemporary and new courses, which are not available in the Department of Geography at the University of the Aegean
  • Create new educational and professional prospects, particularly through the Erasmus Placement program
  • Contribute towards further independence and experience gain by students.

All essential information, perquisites, application material, as well as bilateral agreements for the Department of Geography, for the current academic year, are available at the following website link: