(1) General

School:Social Sciences
Academic Unit:Geography
Level of studies:Undergraduate
Course Code:GEO 420Semester:G
Course Title:Historic Geography
Independent Teaching ActivitiesWeekly Teaching HoursCredits
Course total5
Course Type:Required Elective
Prerequisite Courses:None
Language of Instruction and ExaminationsGreek
Is the course offered to Erasmus students:No
Course Website (Url):

(2) Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The Historical Geography explores the geographies of the past. The subject tries to reconstruct through the historical information, the geographical situation of a space (at various scales), a given point in time (cross-sectional), the evolution of its geographical situation between periods (over time).

General Competences

  1. Search for, analysis and synthesis of data and information, with the use of the necessary technology

  2. Working independently

  3. Team work

  4. Working in an interdisciplinary environment

  5. Production of free, creative and inductive thinking

(3) Syllabus

The physiognomy of European space in critical historic periods. Emphasis on the Greek classical period (5th century b.C.), the Roman Empire (2nd century a.C.), the Byzantine Empire and the appearance of the German race (4th-6th century a.C.), the creation of the French Empire (9th century a.C.), the strengthening of the Christian West (14th-15th century a.C.), Renaissance Europe and the creation of the first national states (16th century a.C.) and, finally, on Europe of the great economic development as a result of Colonialism and the Industrial Revolution (19th century).

(4) Teaching and Learning Methods - Evaluation

Real time classes, with natural presence (face to face)
Use of Information and Communication Technology:
Teaching Methods:
ActivitySemester workload
Laboratory practice40
Non-supervised study40
Course total135
Student Performance Evaluation
weekly work 50% / Oral presentation 20% / Portfolio 30% 

(5) Attached Bibliography

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